Under Tile Heating

Everyone who has walked on a tiled floor with nothing on their feet will know they can feel quite cold. A great solution to this is installing Under Tile Heating. Here at Precision Tiling we can supply and install under tile heating at very competative prices.

We install electric under tile heating onto both concrete and wooden floors with different options to suit the situation. You can buy under tile heating which is used to heat the whole room as the primary heat source or we can install a lower Wattage system just to take the chill off the cold tiles.

Below are some pictures of a full under tile heating installation from start to finish. If you wish to talk to us about maybe intalling under tile heating or just some tiling in your home visit the contacts page for details. Click on any of the images below to see a larger image.

Heating wires and insulation boards

heating wires
The under tile heating matts and insulation boards

This was a conservatory with a concrete subfloor. As the floor was concrete insulation boards are installed first and the heating matts laid on that. This is so the heat from the wires only travels up and doesn't heat all the concrete first, this makes the system alot more efficient and saves money.

Insulation boards

Insulation boards
Insulation boards

The insulation boards are installed using a flexible cement adhesive.

Heating Matt/Wires

Heating matts/wires
Heating matts/wires

The heating wires either come on a matt where the wires are fixed and spaced out evenly or they come as one single length of wire which is spaced out according to the size of the room. Usually single wires are used in rooms with more obsticals to get round or unusuall shapes. In this case we used matts as the room was one big open space. These matts are also being used as a primary heat source for the room so the wires are quite close together and they are 200W.

Levelled for Tiling

Levelled ready for tiling
Levelled floor

Once all the wires are down and fixed a levelling compound is poured over the whole floor area. This helps protect the wires during the insulation of the tiles and also helps the heat to be released evenly across the floor. It is not always necessary to do this but is something we strongly advise at Precision Tiling. The tiles are then set out and the floor is tiled.

Floor Tiled

Tiled Floor
Tiled Floor

The floor is fully tiled using flexible adhesive and grout.